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After Care Instructions for Cosmetic Tattoo

Posted by on June 5, 2014

Who would not want to look gorgeous and feel confident? No one. That’s why, there are clinics that are put up like cosmetic tattoo Sydney, mostly to fulfill everyone’s wish of possessing flawless beauty.

Getting a cosmetic tattoo is considered a great leap since not too many people are as brave to get into this liberating world. It is a wonderful treatment that’s considered an investment to strengthen your facial features and make you look like you have a permanent makeup on.

After the treatment, which is advisable to have in a credible clinic specializing in cosmetic tattoo Sydney, you have to think about a couple of other things, mostly about after care instructions. You have to make sure that your treatment will offer the benefits that you paid for, the benefits as promised.

After care tips

Here are some tips that will help you heal the right way so as to enjoy the benefits of getting cosmetic tattoo:

cosmetic* Unevenness in color on the treated areas is expected. You are not to fret because this effect will not last. If the unevenness is bothering you, report back to your cosmetologist for a touch-up visit.

* For the next few days after the treatment, your lipstick tattoo or eyebrow tattoo Sydney or whatever you have had done will feel tender and that’s normal.

* To reduce swelling, you may apply cotton pads wet in distilled water and baby oil to the affected area. The mixture of water and oil is used to avoid the cotton pads from sticking to the tattoo.

* Your permanent make up Sydney must be kept moist using a topical solution. Make sure, though, that you get the advice of your healthcare provider regarding the product that will not cause harm to your skin type while providing the much needed moisture.

* While your cosmetic tattoo is not fully healed, it is advisable that you refrain from applying makeup. Your makeup may be loaded with bacteria that could cause an infection on the tattooed area, whether it’s your eyeliners or lips or eyebrows or beauty spots.

* Avoid exposing your tattooed skin to the harsh rays of the sun. You are also carefully advised not to use tanning beds, saunas, hot tubs, chlorinated pools, and steam shower until your skin has healed completely.

* For your cosmetic tattoo Sydney to last, make sure to use quality sunscreen lotion. Sun exposure can easily make tattoos fade.

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