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Europe trip is not all Expensive

Posted by on June 22, 2014

traveleuropePeople always have the notion to believe that when traveling in Europe you must be loaded with cash to enjoy even the shortest holiday package however, it’s not always the case. Even with a limited budget, travel insurance and a backpack, you can enjoy Europe without breaking the bank. The trick is knowing where to go, what to do and see and where to stay.

Cheap Europe tours

If you’re always online, you can always find tour websites offering Europe tours and most of them offer tour packages that fit any travel budget. A four-country tours for example ranges for as low as $92 and allows travelers to visit Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands or choose from 2-7 days visiting Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Zürich and Luxembourg. Added perks of these cheap Europe tours are inclusions of round trip transportation and English-speaking tour guide. These affordable Europe tours allow you to choose the country you want to visit and the places that attract you most. If you are fascinated with the luxury tag of Italy, France and the sophistication of London, the air of arrogance of Spain, you can choose from a day tour or 2-3 days package tour starting from Paris or departing from Amsterdam. You can also visit Italy or Germany with side trips to London, Paris or Monaco. Besides enjoying places that are on your travel bucket list, you pay less and save money for more shopping adventures.

Cheap accommodation

A Europe tour always comes with inclusion of accommodation however, you can always arrange for your own place to stay. You can choose to stay in cheap hotels that give freedom for backpackers with a cheap travel insurance on his pocket to stroll around and enjoy the streets of Barcelona, the side streets cafes in Milan or roam lazily around any Paris Public Squares. But, don’t ever think these Europe cheap hotels far below the standards and you’ll be amazed to find many offers that are not only good and clean beds but you will also find some glimpses to the glorious days of the host country or pieces of art of locals and known masters  hanging and decorating the walls and rooms. For instance, Locanda Orseolo Hotel in Venice, which has a grand mural and glass chandeliers. However, you have to do some researching to find these  mostly hidden gem hotels or venture along the alleyway or walk down cobblestones to find your pick in Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Venice or Paris. Most of these hotels are B&Bs that give more value if you’re a traveler with overseas travel insurance.

Places of attractions and things to do

There’s a bullfight to watch in Madrid, a museum to visit in Paris, a day to spend sipping espresso in Milan’s cafes or cruise along the canals in Amsterdam. You may also go for a red bus ride in London, a romantic escapade along Venice canals, church visits in Prague and Budapest, sightseeing in Rome, Mediterranean fine dining in Michelin and St. Peterberg Square, hiking in Budapest, and snowboarding and skiing on the Swiss or France’s Alps. You can enjoy all or just pick one that you’ll enjoy most.

Europe trip is not all expensive if you know what traveling in a shoestring is. But, to be safe and secured, don’t go without travel insurance.

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