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Having the best time in Oahu Hawaii

Posted by on August 30, 2014

oahu2The one place people dream of visiting when on their honeymoon,vacation and adventurous exploration is Hawaii.Those who have visited Oahu know how unforgettable this place is.When you travel to Oahu, Hawaii, fun activities to do in Oahu are limitless.Here is a list of all the fun things you can be involved in and have a wonderful vacation.

Landscape Photography

Those who love photography will definitely have a good time in Oahu.The landscapes in this area are not only spectacular but somewhat magical.This especially works well if you take pictures from above meaning you might need to hire a helicopter.Places like Leahi(Diamond Head),North Shore,Koolau Mountains, and Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve are natural wonder to behold and a camera will tell it all.

Surfing and Dolphin riding

Some of us come from places where there are no dolphins so you can imagine how exciting it is not only to see one but also ride it! Surfers also love taking this sport on Waikiki waters where the waves are high and the weather just perfect.You can also take surfing lessons,canoe riding,sport-fishing,submarine adventures,dolphin excursions and exploration of exotic sea creatures.Jet skiikng is another hair raising activity guaranteed pump your adrenalin.

Joining Cultural Festivals

The people in Oahu have a rich culture and the area has more cultural festivals than and other state.Cultural celebrations in Oahu include,the Honolulu Festival in March which is three days of art,singing and dancing,Oahu’s Lei day on May 1 where traditional Pau riders parade looking spectacular in their brightly decorates floats.There is also the Aloha Festival in September which is celebrated in the whole state.The people are very friendly and appreciate it when visitors enjoy their festivals.


The rich culture of the people of Oahu Hawaii is seen in their beautiful artwork.Art on The Zoo Fence for instance is one of Hawaii’s treasure and heritage.Here, there are displays of artworks from different artists,painters and photographers.The art material is sold and its proceeds go to charity to promote art and education for children.

Try Out The Cuisine

In-case you become hungry and need to relax,there are many restaurants that offer the best mouthwatering dishes you cannot get from anywhere else.They have the freshest island vegetables,fruits and sea food.Here chefs ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied by preparing delicious cuisines according to people preference.Agriculture lovers can also visit the pineapple farms in the Dole Plantations whey they produce treats like pineapple ice-cream,taffy and jam.

To conclude Oahu Hawaii is a place to visit over and over again.There are many fun things to do for people of all ages and gender.All visitors who toured this place(myself included) always say that it is a found paradise.Everything one could ever want in a vacation is found here.The friendly people,exotic landscapes and beautiful cultures is what always makes us always return to this paradise.It is an experience you should not miss.

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