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Storage solutions

Posted by on March 13, 2014

Small business can easily solve its limited storage and tight-space by implementing savvy storage solutions that would not hurt its operational cost.

Wire decking

rackingsystemEven a small business can store more with smart storage solutions like wire mesh decks. Wire decking using wire mesh provides ability to store case and open case items besides stability and protection. It also allows increased ventilation as lights can pass through evenly from the ceiling to the floor while reducing shadow thus, creating a brighter and less accident prone warehouse. It also provides fire safety and prevention measures, as wire mesh allows water sprinklers to have direct access to flames in case of fire. Pallet racking system using wire mesh complies with most local fire codes for indoor pallet rack storage.

Bin shelving

Pre-configured commercial shelving with plastic bin works best in storing small parts. The drawers and compartments add generally to the organization of the operation. Shelving with plastic bin also eliminates erroneous stock picking. The varied sizing and configuration allow customized storing matching the business storage needs. This type of shelving allows quicker and faster inventory or searches thus saving time and allowing operation efficiency.

Rivet rack

Its basic snap-together framing system offers changeable decking system for strong, safe and customized shelving system. It’s a top choice for storage and display need. Rivet rack profile beams and common “T” post fit many storage applications with low cost tag. Because it has no clips, bolt and nuts, it eliminates corner gussets. Variations of rivet racks include double-rivet Z and single rivet beams.

Stainless Steel Wire shelving

It could be more expensive compared to standard commercial shelving but if you think about the issue of rusting, stainless steel wire shelving is still unbeatable and more economical besides complying to the idea that good looks is a great value itself. The open wire design allows free circulation and minimizes dust accumulation as well as better visibility of items. Most of these shelving have leveling bolts to prevent fall and to fit uneven surfaces. Stainless Steel wire shelving is generally easy to assemble and does not require tools for adjusting and have 1′ increment post alignment. Most shelving comes as a starter unit or with add-on unit.

Using these storage solutions, small business can make the most of their limited storage space and start keeping organized and maximizing the use of its storing space while minimizing its cost.

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