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Tax Reduction through Property Depreciation

Posted by on February 20, 2014

Owning a property goes with a number of responsibilities and one of these is paying for taxes. If you think that tax payment is such a burden, you ought to know that property depreciation can alleviate this problem to a certain degree. Depreciation is actually self-explanatory. The process basically pertains to the downgrade of value of a particular item or property. This applies to a lot of things such as cars, house property, commercial establishment and electronic devices.

depreciationA house and lot, and a commercial property are considered quality investments because you are able to benefit from them across time. While these properties are under your name, you have no choice but to pay their taxes. Oftentimes, commercial investments seem to have high tax rates because of the fact that money is earned from them. As such, the best way to reduce the amount of tax rates is to come up with apply a depreciation scheme. Therefore, you need to understand how to calculate depreciation.

The calculation of depreciation is dependent on the number of years by which your property has been standing. Also, factors such as improvement costs, internal fittings and materials used are part of the calculation. For as long as all articles are itemized, then the calculation of depreciation can take place.

To come up with an accurate cost, a depreciation professional can be hired or an online calculator can be utilized. Whichever of the two methods you use still, you will be getting accurate results. What’s important is that all figures and quantities are presented complete.

When computing for property depreciation, the concept of depreciation schedule. Another technical term comes in therefore it is but proper to learn what is depreciation schedule all about.

There are two important elements in understanding depreciation schedule; one is capital works allowance and two is plant and equipment. The former element is the structural characteristic of a building that includes irremovable assets. This is also known term as building write off. Plant and equipment, on the other hand, refers to the building’s removable assets. These items are accurately identified by the ATO or Australian Tax Office. In the process of investment property computation, the ATO depreciation rates are applied.

If you have no intention of selling your property, have it inspected and evaluated so that you can acquire its exact depreciation value. By acquiring a depreciation report, you can have proof in applying a tax payment reduction.

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