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Travel Cheap and Enjoy Ski Holiday for Less

Posted by on August 8, 2013

With the global economy contracting, people are prompted to tighten the belt and watch their spending. This of course means tossing any travel plan out of the window as ski holidays are deemed as too extravagant. However before tossing out your ski holiday plans, there are ways to satiate your ski holiday craving even during this tough times and here’s how.

ski-holidays-austria Go for the superb ski travel deals

Have you heard about “recession marketing?” In these tough times, tourism industry has its own version of bailouts for travelers. This is in the form of superb travel deals where the travel industry has to slash travel prices and comes out with irresistible service deals to help tour operators, airlines and hotels keep afloat. Pricey destinations like luxury ski holiday suddenly become affordable with operators giving up to 50% discount from the usual upscale pricing. With almost half of the usual price, even the less prudent can now afford the luxury of a ski vacation and get the taste of pampering treats from luxury ski resorts in Austria., France and the Switzerland.

Go as backpackers

Traveling as backpackers can give more advantages. You travel light and on cheap. Coping up with the recession, many luxury ski accommodation are now considering backpackers for their guests. They offer single or twin rooms with all the amenities for backpackers. Although you cannot expect the services to be similar to those luxury chalets Austria, there are small lodges that offer great ski accommodation with backpacker’s price. Availing such offer would mean enjoying an affordable ski holiday anytime of the year.

Go to the far away destinations

In the recent recession stories, countries suffering more downturns have turn to tourism for recovery. This means these far away destinations (even the upscale ones) are now more affordable.  From the air tickets down to accommodation, these far away destinations are cheaper compared to your usual local places. Why not grab the chance and take the flight, and enjoy luxury treats and live like kings in places with the elite tag. It’s the time to spend your job breaks in some luxury catered ski chalets away from your local destination for less.

Travel cheap by air

The recession has forced airlines to lower their surcharges, fuel and travel taxes and other in-flight costs making traveling by air cheap. Many world and international airlines have cut off their airfares as their government means to push their tourism Industry. So, if you have travel plans, it is a wise decision to travel by air and save more.

You don’t have to toss out your ski holiday because of the gloomy economy. Reversing your styles like traveling cheap could do the trick.

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