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Why It’s Worth Investing In Printed Marquees

Posted by on November 19, 2015

If you were asked to picture a marquee then the chances are that you would come up with the generic white model that we are all used to seeing throughout the years. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it does a disservice to the advancements in technology and the sheer potential that there is to create unique and colourful models.

marqueesNow whether you are looking for a specific colour choice or scheme or a marquee that has full digital printer images on, there are a host of professional companies that provide printed marquees in Sydney. These are companies that endeavor to fulfill your demands and give you the best quality product possible.

But why opt for having a modern digital printed marquee in the first place? Well unlike the more traditional screen printing, using a digital printer means that the images you want are actually going to be dyed into the canvas and this results in a final image that will look sharp and be of great quality for the duration of its use.

These type of marquees are not only ideal for your typical outdoor occasions such as birthday parties and family BBQs, but they are also a great way for companies to advertise themselves and their products. So if you are looking to capitalise on the Australian weather but want a space for people to get some shade then they are an ideal solution for you.

The wealth of opportunity that full digital printing allows means that you can create a marquee in almost any style you want! So you’re celebrating your dad’s 60th birthday and you want to do something a little special, why not print him a birthday message and it could even have his picture on it too. You’ll also find that using them for advertising is also an incredibly useful and inexpensive way to promote your brand. Lots of food vendors and stalls at festivals and events will use them and you can often separate how serious different businesses are from the quality of the marquee they are under.

Regardless of corporate or commercial use all companies should provide you with a visualisation of the product before you purchase it. This ensures that you are completely happy with the end design and get the desired look your after. The vast majority of companies will be able to recreate whatever colour you have opted for in order to exactly match your companies colours, logos and the needs of any individual.

So next time you are thinking of investing in a marquee for personal use or business, just remember that there is a lot more opportunity to be had than just settling for the standard.

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